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We are an Emerging Tech-Empowered Educational Initiative with the aim to provide Effective Learning Opportunities through Hands-on Training in Bootcamps and Workshops to advance the skill set of Beginners as well as professionals. We do provide the opportunities for Research-based Internships as well which serve a head-start to any career path.

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For students, as well as fresh graduates, possessing the right skills is an irreplaceable asset, to get a foothold in the market. Technology is changing rapidly and so are the industry requirements. It becomes a necessity for every individual in the field of tech to update their knowledge regularly. Therefore Qualki Academy’s workshops are not only for students and graduates but also for Professionals and each and every Tech enthusiast who have got a knack of curiosity to learn and grow. Every attendee will get to build projects in our bootcamps and scope for full time Research-based Internships which serve as a stepping stone for a successful career path.

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Qualki Academy organizes a variety of Tech Workshops and Bootcamps to learn about Emerging Technologies and thus enable students and enthusiasts to build hands-on expertise in the respective domains. One to one mentor support is provided by our expert faculties to clarify each and every doubt during these bootcamps. Moreover, on successful and complete participation, the participants are provided with certificates which serve as accreditation to their learning. We even help in grabbing the right internship opportunities suited to the needs of the attendees through our internship platform for free.

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We are the first ones to provide students with an opportunity to do research Internships in India. Starting from Internships in Cyber Security to Internship in Python, our Hacking School will provide it all under the able guidance of Professors from Different Institutes by Presenting a Single Platform with all the Information of These Internships at Different Universities.


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